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ARLA and NAEA - Raising Standards


Raising Standards in Estate Agency - Sales and Rentals.


Estate Agency is a very satisfying and noble profession, although a small number of agents haven't always given that impression. We've all seen the comedians telling jokes about the agent who bends the truth or heard accounts of bad practice from people who have experienced something negative in the course of a property sale or purchase and in truth, these events are not the norm, but one bad experience is one too many. So, when we at KHI decided to take our already good practice and reputation to the Scottish Estate Agency market and market properties for sale and rent in Edinburgh, The Lothians and Falkirk District, we wanted to make sure that everything was done just right. To this end, our Director, Gail, attended the latest regional meeting of Propertymark, which was held in Edinburgh's Raddison Blu Hotel in April and she thoroughly enjoyed meeting many like minded industry colleagues, also striving for high standards. Not to mention meeting and discussing all the latest developments with the fabulous President of ARLA, Maxine Fothergill and the President of NAEA, Liana Loporto. Like Gail, both of these women are strong female role models within the industry with great experiences behind them and so it was a treat to just say hello and share a moment. 


Location is important.


As a sales and rental agent, we wanted to make sure that the new wing of our company was accessible to people. With that in mind, our office at 8 Albany Street, Edinburgh is only a 10 minute stroll from Edinburgh Waverly Station. It couldn't be more convenient. If you're looking for a property there is a high likelihood you will start your search online these days but we want to be contactable for you and so, if you wish to speak with us face to face, you can call and make an appointment to pop in for a chat and a coffee. 



Knowledge is always important. We can't do our job properly without knowledge. One way to gain knowledge is through experience but when experience is coupled with relevant industry qualifications, you're on to a winner. With a well qualified and experienced agent, you're more likely to have a positive and fruitful experience during your house sale, rental or property hunt. With this in mind, our company and our clients are protected by ARLA and NAEA via our company membership with them and we are, as required by law, registered as a Letting Agent with the Scottish Government. And, as if this wasn't enough, we are members of The Property Ombudsman and our client's money is protected by Moneyshield. Our Director, Gail Gurses, is dual qualified with the level 6 Propertymark qualifications for both residential sales in Scotland and residential lettings in Scotland. To further enhance our team, our consultant, Gurol, possesses a PGDip in Housing Studies from The University of Glasgow and he has many years experience in managing difficult housing situations such as anti-social behaviour and non-payment of rent as well as being a qualified mediator. Why would that be useful? I hear you ask; Well, we can all have a bump in the road of life and with regards to our landlords and tenants, when there's a life bump in the road we are more likely to have a positive outcome for both landlord and tenant if the situation has been handled ethically and with due regard for the laws that govern the private rental sector.


Trust and Customer Relations.

With any business arrangement that also involves such a big part of your personal life, such as selling, buying and renting your property, trust and client relations are of paramount importance. It doesn't matter how flashy an agent's car is or how nice and shiny their office is; if you can't warm to them as a person, then it just won't work. At Keyholders International we have many years of experience on the international market and we understand that every single client has very different needs. For Example, there's no point in asking someone to fill out an online form if they don't know how to use a computer or they don't get on well with technology. That's just one example but there are many other examples, so we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our clients as humans. We are happy for you to come to us; we're also happy to come to you. If you can't see, if you can't hear, if you have mobility issues, etc. Whatever it is that creates a barrier for you, we will help you overcome this with regards to viewing property, signing contracts and to answer any questions you may have.


Just get in touch

We look forward to hearing form you and meeting you and we hope that we can be of service to you in the future.


Best Wishes,


Gail (Director, KHI Property Group)


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